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Hiring a Maternity Nurse


Our Maternity Nurses

We take great pride in providing families with their perfect Maternity Nurse, helping you to start your journey into parenthood with ease and comfort.

We provide highly qualified and experienced Maternity Nurses who will make your life easier in the challenging early days with a newborn. Our placements typically last anything from a few days to a number of months, depending on the level of support required. 

Once a family have registered with us and have been matched with an ideal Maternity Nurse, in-depth discussion will be undertaken to establish the requirements of the family and terms will be agreed. We recognise that life with a newborn can change daily, so our Maternity Nurses are flexible and understanding and willing to adapt their care to suit your requirements. 

Our Maternity Nurses are available 20 hours per day, but will require a 4 hour rest allowance in every 24 hour period.  We believe this is essential for ensuring the highest level of care for both Mother and Baby, but also for providing a valuable opportunity for some precious bonding time between parents and their newborn. 

All our Maternity Nurses are thoroughly vetted, have proven professional references and carry current DBS Check Certificates

How a Maternity Nurse can help

Our Maternity Nurses will assist your family through the following areas:

  • Expert Care - Specialist care for your newborn, showing parents correct sleep positioning, bathing and cord care hygiene and baby skin care advice during the early days. 
  • Establishing Routines - Your Maternity Nurse will support you in establishing a sleep routine that best suits you and baby. Support during feeding times whether this is breastfeeding or for formula fed babies.
  • Postnatal Support - Your Maternity Nurse will advise on all hygiene and safety matters. Another important factor is your wellbeing and your Maternity Nurse is there to look after you too!
  • General Duties - Bottle sterilisation and making up feeds for your baby.  General nursery duties, including all of the babies laundry. Keeping the nursery tidy and clean. 

Our Terms & Conditions

 For Information about our Terms, Fees etc, please have a read through our 'Terms & Conditions'