Your Nanny Shop

The Nanny & Maternity Nurse Agency with the personal touch

Our Founder

Tori Newton

Tori is highly qualified with over 20 years experience as a Nanny and Maternity Nurse to many high profile clients and their families worldwide.  

Tori has an excellent reputation with both clients and other Nannies. Her expertise in working with children of all ages is highly respected, as is her discretion and professional attitude to client confidentiality. 

Now a mother herself, Tori even more fully appreciates the importance of  finding the perfect Nanny or Maternity Nurse for her clients. Tori founded 'Your Nanny Shop' in 2018 in order to channel her expertise into doing just that.

a statement from Our Founder, tori Newton

'My nannying journey started at the age of 22. I remember my first placement well - the apprehension & excitement of beginning this new chapter of my life...and what a chapter it turned out to be. The years that followed were filled with a huge amount of joy and amazing experiences as I worked with families around the world. I supported brand new mothers with their tiny newborns,  manoeuvring  through the overwhelming world of parenting - all the way through to teenagers making their first career decisions and studying for exams. 

For me, the great joy was the connection I felt with the many children in my care over the years. It was a privilege and a pleasure to know that I had some influence, however small, in raising these incredible young people. 

To this day I have contact with many of my previous clients and their children and love to hear news of their adventures. 

I founded 'Your Nanny Shop' in 2018 because I believe that Nannies and the families they support can enjoy a lifelong connection - like I have had the joy to - and I want to use my experience to connect families with their perfect  Nanny matches.

testimonials from tori's previous clients (and now friends)

Josie & Rob da Bank - Founders of Bestival

'I'd like to shout from the rooftops about how great Tori is! 

The boys made a very strong bond with Tori from the start, for her warmth, sense of humour...and endless patience.' 

Mr & Mrs Springer

She (Tori) is highly dedicated, thoughtful, dependable, caring, polite, extremely responsible and a flexible person.'

Mrs A Murray

'She truly treated (our child) as if she were her own and shares such a special bond with her.

I am confident that she will always be a part of our lives.'