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Terms & Conditions of Business

These terms and conditions of business must be signed by client before Your Nanny Shop will commence any candidate search.

1. The client will be deemed to have accepted these terms & conditions once Your Nanny Shop has introduced any candidate to the client.

2. UK clients are requested to pay a non-refundable registration fee of £50 before any search commences. 

3. Non-UK clients are requested to pay a non-refundable registration fee of £75 before any search commences. 

4. If, within 12 months of the introduction of a candidate by Your Nanny Shop to the client, the candidate is employed or engaged by the client (on whatever basis and in whatever capacity, whether directly or indirectly) then the client will be liable to pay a fee to Your Nanny Shop calculated in accordance with the below terms. 

5. Payment of any UK or Non-UK placement fee due from the client to Your Nanny Shop is to be paid in full no less than 10 days before placement commences. In cases where a Nanny or Maternity Nurse has been found, but the placement does not commence for more than 6 weeks, Your Nanny Shop will require 50% of the placement fee to be paid upon agreement and the remaining fee to be paid no less than 10 days before the placement commences. 

6. UK clients will be required to pay a single Placement fee of £750 for a Live-in Nanny. For a Live-out Nanny this fee will be £1000. For Non-UK clients requiring an Overseas Nanny this fee will be £2000. For a Maternity Nurse this fee will be £175 for every week of service. 

7. The client will notify Your Nanny Shop immediately upon any offer being made which results in the engagement being accepted.

8. The client will, as a condition to engaging the candidate, provide all remuneration details relating to the candidate requested by Your Nanny Shop at least 7 days before the engagement commences. If the client does not or will not disclose such details to Your Nanny Shop, or the disclosed package is materially below the rate that would ordinarily be expected in the open market, then Your Nanny Shop will charge the client a fee based on its reasonable opinion of a market rate package.

9. In the event of a material change in the candidate’s package or status within the period of 12 months after the initial engagement, then Your Nanny Shop will be entitled to recalculate the fee and re-invoice accordingly.

10. If any additional people who are working or have worked with a candidate in any capacity are engaged by the client as a direct or indirect result of the introduction of the candidate, then the client shall be liable to pay Your Nanny Shop a fee in respect of each additional candidate they have introduced to them in this way.

11. Including in respect of temporary engagements with a duration of 30 days or more, if the candidate terminates their employment with the client, or if the client lawfully terminates such employment (except by reason of redundancy), within 30 days of the date on which the candidate commenced their employment then, provided that the client notifies Your Nanny Shop in writing of the termination within 5 working days, the client will be entitled to a refund of an amount equal to the first week’s net salary paid or payable to the candidate. No claim for refund is available where payment in full for any fee has not been received by Your Nanny Shop within 10 days of the due date. No finder’s fee will be charged by Your Nanny Shop to the client in respect of any replacement candidate. Otherwise, Your Nanny Shop will have no liability to the client. 

12. The fee charged for an introduction is applicable to one engagement only. If the client should re-engage any candidate within 36 months of termination of employment, a further fee will be charged and Your Nanny Shop must be notified immediately of any such arrangement.

13. The client will reimburse all reasonable travelling expenses incurred by potential candidates who present themselves for an interview.

14. The client will provide the candidate with full written details of salary, national insurance and tax details (with equivalent obligations in respect of non-UK candidates), duties, hours and other engagement terms, before the engagement commences.

15. The client is fully responsible for, and will indemnify Your Nanny Shop against all losses, expenses and liabilities in connection with, all employer and candidate obligations relating to tax and national insurance (and similar obligations for any candidate who is employed outside the UK). 

16. The client undertakes to treat all information received in respect of any candidate in the strictest confidence and only to use that information in connection with the potential recruitment of the candidate. The client will indemnify Your Nanny Shop against all losses, expenses and liabilities in connection with any breach by the client of this obligation. 

17. All pre-engagement communications with a candidate must be made through Your Nanny Shop.

18. Although Your Nanny Shop will make all reasonable enquiries of each candidate, all information supplied by Your Nanny Shop to the client concerning the history, character, age, experience, capabilities or suitability of the candidate for the post is given on behalf of the candidate only. Your Nanny Shop does not warrant the truth or accuracy of that information. It is the client’s responsibility to satisfy itself that a candidate has the necessary skill, aptitude and ability to perform the services required by the client.

19. The client, with the consent of the candidate, will be responsible for taking up references before engaging the candidate.

20. It is responsibility of the client, not Your Nanny Shop, to obtain work and other permits, wherever required for candidates. Your Nanny Shop accepts no responsibility if the candidate is refused entry by a country’s immigration authorities and is not permitted to remain in that country due to the client failing to arrange a valid work permit (or any other reason). In any such case, no fee refund or credit will be given.

21. Your Nanny Shop will not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage or expense of whatever nature suffered or incurred by the client in connection with Your Nanny Shop seeking a candidate for the client, or the introduction by Your Nanny Shop to the client of any candidate, or the employment or engagement of any candidate by the client. Nothing in this clause shall exclude or restrict liability for personal injury or death resulting from Your Nanny Shop’s negligence.

22. These terms & conditions are governed by the laws of England & Wales and the parties agree to refer any disputes to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England & Wales.